2016 Bridesmaid Dress Trends You’ll Love 


2016 Bridesmaid Dress Trends You’ll Love 

Tousled Elegance

We are deeply crushing over off the shoulder dresses that give off a tousled and effortlessly elegant look.  Perfect for a spring or summer wedding, this look gives the feel of a wedding held in a beautiful meadow with the sun’s warmth gracing over everyone’s skin. Light pastel colors match perfectly with the brides white ivory dress as well as the season. This look is almost incomplete without flowers as hair accessories.  The last touch for this beautiful look would be to pair these stunning gowns with a bit of dazzle. Coronet Diamonds has the perfect selection of simple yet radiant pieces to fit perfectly in your effortlessly chic spring or summer wedding. Pair the Qaholom diamond ring with the Flidais diamond necklace, featured below, to add just the right amount of sparkle without taking away from this gorgeously effortless look.

Flidais NeckalceOaholom Ring


Embellished Sophistication

Another trend we are seeing this spring are beautifully bedazzled wedding gowns. For a harmonious look between the bride and bridesmaids, have them wear beautifully beaded dresses. Approach this look with caution however, too many embellishments can look borderline tacky. Instead, opt for nude colors when looking for beaded bridesmaid dresses.  This will allow for a coordinated look among the bridal party, but not draw attention away from the bride.  It can be hard to pair this look with accessories, but we’ve featured the perfect diamond rings to add as the final touch. The Coronet Diamonds selection of simple and classic diamond rings is endless, from the radiant Cypris ring, to the lovable Aphrodite ring, to the simple yet glamorous Apollo ring.


Aphrodite RingCypris Ring


Strapless and Bold

Think bold and strapless.  That is the direction bridesmaid dresses are also going in this spring and summer.  Strapless dresses are great news for the jewelry fashionista because they allow for stunning pendants and decadent earrings. This look can go in different directions.  Pair this dress with a simple diamond necklace such as the Circen necklace, or, take a more modern approach and leave the neckline completely bare and draw attention to stunning and bold earrings like the Brienne earrings from Coronet Diamonds.



Brienne Earrings


Mixed and Matched Radiance

In this bridesmaids look we’ve mixed things up, combining three different styles of dresses. As they go well together, so do these three different styles of necklaces from the Coronet Diamond collection making these looks balanced as well as chic for the big day. The Hemen necklace is a bold and captivating piece, the Isis necklace is both classic and unique, and last but not least the Maia necklace, a piece so graceful in its elegance that it speaks for itself.


Isis NecklaceMaia Necklace