How To Accessorize Winter Must-Haves


How To Accessorize Winter Must-Haves

The fundamental element to winter fashion is clothes that keep you hot—in more ways than one! Stay chic and warm by styling those winter outfits just right with these stunning jewelry styles.


Turtlenecks have made a comeback in today’s latest winter styles. Draw more attention to your neck by pairing this winter staple with a statement necklace—like the Hekate Necklace by Coronet Diamonds.





 Over-Sized Sweaters

Cozy, cute, keeps you warm, and you can dress them up or down—really, what else could you ask for from an article of clothing? Complete this cozy look with a pendant necklace to add a subtle accent and make your outfit really shine—try pieces with colored gems to add contrast and style!

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Whether you want to pair your favorite sweater-dress with thigh-high boots, or a pair of skinny jeans with booties, these are the must have shoes for the winter season. This versatile winter trend pairs really well with bracelets, as the low positioning of the wrist draws the eyes downwards to the boots. Something simple and eye-catching, like the Freya bracelet by Coronet Diamonds pictured below, adds just the right amount of sparkle.

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Leather Weather

Leather is a go-to winter fabric as it keeps you warm, stylish, and sleek! Whether you want to pull out that leather jacket or a pair of leather skinny jeans, this edgy fabric needs bold jewelry to match! Style your favorite leather item with daring jewelry pieces, like the Devana Earrings pictured below.


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Statement Coat

Winter fashion doesn’t get quite more sophisticated than a statement coat. Whether you opt for a
simple, all black coat or go for a coat with a bold pattern or color, allow your coat to stand out by pairing it with simple accessories—like Coronet Diamonds Gendry Earrings.

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