Last Minute Gifts For Every Style


Last Minute Gifts For Every Style

We’ve made the stressful process of last minute gifting easy with these glamorous jewelry items! Whether you are doing some belated holiday gifting, or you’ve procrastinated a birthday present, we’ve selected styles that are sure to dazzle!


For The Diva

Diamonds, sparkles, and all things glamorous are a go too for any diva! Layers of diamonds, vivid designs, and statement pieces are sure to dazzle your diva! Try these earrings from Coronet Diamond’s couture selection.


For The Rockstar

Bold, chunky accessories are a must have for any rockstar’s closet!  Celebrate your rockstar with a statement piece as “heavy metal” as they are, like this one from Coronet Diamonds.


For The Fashionista

 As any fashionista will tell you, the accessories make the outfit. Opt for something that is currently trending for the fashion-forward giftees, or, go the opposite direction and gift her jewelry that incorporates a timeless aesthetic, like these dazzling pair of earrings.

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 9.27.40 PM

For The Dare-Devil

 For those that prefer to live life on the edge, select daring styles featuring geometric shapes and eccentric patterns. As your thrill-seeker may tell you, the bolder the better! Try these earrings from Coronet Diamonds for a truly edgy look.

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 9.27.54 PM

For The Minimalist

 Less really is more for the minimalist’s sense of style. Keeping it simple is the key when buying any gift for someone with a modest sense of style. The elegance and simplicity of this necklace from Coronet Diamonds makes the perfect addition to any minimalist’s closet