Love, Diamonds


Love, Diamonds

It’s 1987. President Reagan just told Premier Gorbachev to “tear down this wall.” The first episodes of The Simpsons appear on The Tracey Ullman Show. Baby Blake Lively is one month old. America’s Sweetheart, Chris Evert, is playing tennis with her signature two-handed backhand. She’s the world’s most recognized athlete, the “ice princess” who’s unflappable under pressure. She’s even on the Wheaties box.

But today, she stops play at the U.S. Open, a tournament she’s won six times, because she has a problem. She’s dropped her diamond bracelet on the court and the match will have to wait until she finds it. The television cameras catch the sparkle and women everywhere catch their breath. When asked later about the incident, Chris says “I dropped my tennis bracelet” and a new jewelry category is born.

Diamond line bracelets didn’t start with Chris, of course.  Flappers wore them in the roaring Twenties. Diamond bracelets have always been on every well-dressed woman’s wish list. But until Chris dropped her bracelet that day, they were evening wear.  An elegant accessory for the theater or a dinner party. Chris showed that a diamond bracelet was something you could wear anytime, anywhere. Even on the court.  So, immediately, every woman wanted one.

Flash forward 26 years. The tennis bracelet, like The Simpsons, is still going strong, both on and off the court. Serena Williams wears one, of course. Miley Cyrus wears one. So does Michelle Obama. And Tina Fey, Kerry Washington, Jennifer Aniston, Emmy Rossum, the list goes on and on.



As you can see, a diamond line bracelet is gorgeous alone and also the star of any arm party. Its sleek flexible setting drapes over your wrist. It doesn’t bang around like a bangle, so it’s comfortable enough to wear to work, catching your eye at your keyboard. Go to any red carpet and you’ll see tennis bracelets on most of the women who walk by.

We have our own version, of course.  It’s called the Heru Bracelet and it dazzles with 3.40 carats of diamonds.  And a very sturdy clasp. We think Chris would approve. And you will too.


Chris Evert image by Bob Thomas/Getty Images, Tina Fey, Jennifer Aniston, Emmy Rossum, and Kerry Washington images by PR Photos.

Chris Evert and a diamond tennis bracelet by #CoronetDiamonds