Predicted Jewelry Trends for 2016


Predicted Jewelry Trends for 2016

Predicted Jewelry Trends for 2016

It’s official—2016 has kicked into high gear. This year is filled with promise for change—so get ready to put aside your go-to necklace for some exciting, new styles this year! With fashion week approaching, it’s time to take a sneak peak at some of the exciting trends we’ll be seeing on and off the runway.


Bows aren’t just for gift boxes! The jewelry designers of 2016 have taken the simple, feminine design and made it fiercer than ever. Keep your eyes open to find this design embedded into jewelry pieces, like this ring from Coronet Diamonds.



Stay golden this year with this upcoming trend! A staple in jewelry for decades before us, 2016 is taking this classic piece and reworking it into new shapes and designs. You should expect to find structured shapes of gold as well as gold paired with bold, statement additions, like this black Tahitian pearl necklace from Coronet Diamonds.


Industrially Vintage

Following suit in the vintage and old-world designs that took our breath away last year, 2016 is incorporating time periods like the Industrial Revolution for a new take on vintage glam. Think linked chains, chunky metals, and brilliant diamonds for a whole lot of glamor.


Layers of Layers

2016 is really taking accessorizing to the next level with trends incorporating eye-catching techniques, such as layering! Stack bracelets of similar styles on your wrists, or adorn your neck with necklaces of different lengths. Or, you could let the jewelry do the work for you and opt for a piece already incorporating layers, like the one pictured below from Coronet Diamonds.


Statement Earrings

Frame your face in 2016 with earrings that are bold and beautiful! Statement earrings will be sweeping the jewelry nation this year. From ear cuffs, to geometrically shaped hoops, to bright colors, make a statement this year with eye-catching designs (literally eye-catching, like the earrings featured below).


Flower Power

Floral designs will bloom even brighter this year as jewelers are incorporating this trend even more so into their pieces! With vibrant colors, shapes inspired by a garden, and bold designs, the floral motif has been revamped to be its best yet.  The ring featured below is when floral meets diva.  The encrusted diamonds adds instant glam to the classic design.