Spring Clean Your Diamonds

Keep your diamonds clean: soak in dishsoap.

Spring Clean Your Diamonds

It’s time for Spring cleaning!  This year start with something manageable and rewarding: your diamonds. Take a good close look at your favorite jewelry. See how it’s a bit more dull than when you got it? Don’t worry, bringing diamonds back to brilliance is easy and you probably have everything you need right in your kitchen.

First, prepare your clean zone.  Get a lint-free cloth and two mixing bowls.  A soft clean brush is helpful: a new child’s toothbrush is perfect but if you have one of those emergency toothbrush packs from an airline, that’s fine too.

Now, repeat after me: close your drain. Of course you won’t drop anything in the sink but humor me. Every year, rings get washed away, never to be seen again.  Don’t let this happen to you!

That’s why you have two bowls: it’s the extra safe way to clean your jewelry.  Put a squirt of dish soap in one bowl and add warm water.  Fill the other bowl with plain warm water. (If you are brave, you can forgo the bowl of plain water and use a running faucet.  The drain is closed, right? Check again.)

OK. Time to get shiny! Dunk your diamonds in the soapy bowl and go play Bejeweled. Or look at pretty diamonds on Instagram.

In 15 minutes or so, come back and give your jewelry a gentle scrub with the soft brush. Make sure you get in behind the stones where gunk tends to collect.

Now rinse your jewelry in the bowl of water or under the faucet. For pieces that have colored gemstones, your work is done. Put them on the cloth to air dry them or use a lint-free cloth.

For your diamonds, one more secret step will make a big difference. Take your rinse bowl and add one part ammonia to four parts water. (Change the water first if it’s really soapy.)

Soak your diamond in the ammonia water for 20 minutes. Play some Candy Crush. You’ll be shocked at how brilliant your diamond is when it comes out of the soak.  Rainbows!  Flashes! Sparkle!  Go ahead, stare.  Post a photo of your gorgeous jewel on Instagram. Tag it #springclean.

To keep your jewelry looking like this longer, avoid dousing it with hairspray or gel, nail polish, perfume, or cleaning products. Bar soap is particularly good at getting stuck in rings so take them off before using it.  Take rings off when you are assembling Ikea furniture, mud wrestling, cavorting in hot tubs, kneading bread, and pumping iron, OK?