Top Engagement Ring Trends In 2016


Top Engagement Ring Trends In 2016

If you’ve decided the time has come to take things to the next level, it could be a nerve-wracking experience. From choosing a location to practicing what you’re going to say over, and over again, and most importantly, choosing out the perfect ring, it tends to be overwhelming to say the least. Well—we can’t tell you what to say, or where to say it, but we can help relieve some of the pressure that comes with creating a magical moment! Check out these engagement ring trends for a look that your soon-to-be bride will love (or if you are the soon-to-be bride, send it over to help your man out!)


Round Diamonds

These brilliantly cut diamonds seem to be eternally in style, especially in 2016. With effortless, timeless appeal, round-cut diamonds will be as eternally beautiful as your love. Incorporate a new style to this classic design by incorporating a center stone that features more than one round diamond, like the Athena Ring from Coronet Diamonds.



Just because these rings are styled after a traditional time period, does not mean there needs to be anything traditional about a vintage engagement ring! From decades of styles to take inspiration from, designers have taken these old-world designs and breathed new life into them. Opt for something bold and classic, like the Mini Kneph Ring by Coronet Diamonds pictured below.

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Let your love grow with these beautiful designs inspired from outdoors. With unique twists, shapes, and styles, the feminine look of these nature-inspired rings adds an elegant appeal that looks classic and original all at once. You could go for a ring that takes a direct approach to the floral motif, or aim for one that’s more subtle—like this Anona Ring that incorporates floral designs while still maintaining a classic look.


Geometric Shanks

From a split shank to braided shanks, to infinity-inspired shanks, bands no longer sit secondary to the center stone. With these new eye-catching designs, there’s a flattering shape and style of ring for every finger. Coronet Diamonds illustrates this with the Ariam Ring, which has a uniquely shaped shank that elongates the finger.



More is more, right? The jewelers designing stackable engagement rings definitely seem to agree. Whether you want to stack up individual bands or find a ring that does the work for you, like the one pictured below, this is definitely the sparkliest trend of the new year!