When Rihanna Copied Coronet Diamonds

Rihanna took a Coronet Diamonds image and we are not flattered

When Rihanna Copied Coronet Diamonds

We love Rihanna, but something happened on Veterans Day with Rihanna that really makes us sad.

We wanted something special to celebrate the veterans on our staff so we created a really cool image with a stars and stripes V and the date.  Looking at the shape we noticed how perfectly our gorgeous Hekate Necklace fit the shape of the V.  Adding it in really took our creation to the next level.  Here it is.

Coronet Diamonds post on Instagram to celebrate Veteran's Day

So we posted the image on Instagram, facebook, and twitter, and our followers liked it.  End of story?  Actually just the beginning.

Because later that day, Rihanna posted her tribute to Veterans on Instagram and Twitter.  And it looked….familiar.  Our stars-and-stripes V with the date. Our one of a kind necklace. But with Rihanna inserted in front. We don’t mean similar. Or an imitation but slightly different. We mean EXACTLY the same.  Judge for yourself.

This post by Rihanna uses a Coronet Diamonds image without permission

Actually it’s not exactly the same.  It’s missing the identifying hashtag that we use to sign all our Insta-creations.  The #coronetdiamonds in the lower right hand corner of the original image has been deliberately removed.

Ok, so Rihanna and her team “borrowed” our graphics and removed our name. But get this: they did not thank us.  Or credit us.  Or even tag us.  They just took our image and ran with it.

The image generated 2,695 retweets and 4,523 favorites from Rihanna’s 38 million followers on Twitter and 432,000 likes from Rihanna’s 13 million followers on Instagram.

This just doesn’t seem right to us. In fact, it’s visual plagiarism.

What do you think?  Does originality matter? If you think it’s important enough to take a stand, could you tweet to @rihanna or tag @badgalriri and let her know that you think everyone has the right to their own original vision and that other people shouldn’t take images without asking. Just tag it #OriginalityRocks.